Silencing Aboriginal Curricular Content Through Multiculturalism Response

What national normative narrative is St. Denis attempting to disrupt? How does she do so?

St. Denis is attempting to disrupt the idea that multiculturalism is appropriate for Canada, and that First Nations people do deserve to have education surrounding their culture. In response to the idea that “there are other people here too” St. Denis offers the simple point that while there are hundreds of cultures of Canada, there was one group of people first. She goes on to also state that multiculturalism separates groups of people which can further discrimination between groups. I agree with St. Denis that Aboriginal content needs to be taught and prioritized in public schools, as well I agree from her arguments that colonial multiculturalism is not appropriate to be promoting. While she offers these criticisms, I can’t help but wonder why she did not include an alternative viewpoint that would better suit our Canadian culture and current dynamic. I would be interested to know her thoughts on how Canada should move forward if we abandon our multicultural identity.


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