We are all Treaty People

After reading “Treaty Talk” and the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action I realized that I have boasted a lot of knowledge of Treaties that I might not actually have. While reading the “Treaty Talk” article by apihtawikosisan I realized that I too really only know the story of treaty making in Western Canada. The idea that Treaty making would have started out as equal partnership between Indigenous people and Europeans is almost mind blowing, considering how far away from that idea our Saskatchewan numbered treaties have become. I was also interested to learn more about the land claims that have still yet to be processed, despite it being 91 years since they have been put in for consideration. Upon further research I learned that those who signed Treaty 4 were both Cree and Seaulteux, even though I was under the impression it had only been Cree (featured photograph is a pictograph by Chief Paskwa describing Treaty 4). I wonder if this has been part of a tactic to lump Indigenous people into one group, rather than as individual bands.

I have read a lot about the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, however this was my first time reading it for myself. Although I could have read this document for hours, I focused on the prescribed #62-65 surrounding children in Canada’s education system. I wonder how far we have to go with these calls?

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