Chapter 4 Questions

  1. According to the authors, all people have prejudice and all people act (discriminate) based on their prejudices. Explain this process.

According to the authors, prejudice begins at stereotype and is our internal thought process and the judgements we make based on stereotype. To discriminate is to act on prejudice in a negative or positive light. As discussed in class, an example of this is micro aggressions that are slights against minority people on a daily basis to remind that those people are “less than”.

  1. What is necessary in order to minimize the effects of our (discriminatory) actions based on our prejudiced ideas about social groups?

It is necessary to think through stereotypes and whether they are based on normative narratives instead of truths. After this we can adjust our prejudice and therefore our discriminatory actions. In order to remind ourselves of discrimination it is important to listen to minorities stories and constantly check our privilege.

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