Tupper And âpihtawikosisân Reading Responses


  1. i) Share one or two bits of ‘information’ from the reading that you didn’t know before or you found interesting.

Prior to reading this article I was unaware that FNUC had ever struggled with receiving enough funding to keep its doors open before I arrived on campus. I find it interesting that federated colleges such as Luther and Campion on campus don’t seem to have fears about funding, and in fact are growing colleges on campus. I wonder if this is due to their alumnus’s being greater in number?

  1. ii) Did you notice yourself reacting, as you read, to particular statements within this article? How so?

I ended up nodding my head “yes” to many things mentioned in this article, such as the lack of funding for FNUC being reflective of the broken promises of treaty. I also thought it was interesting that the article noted how settler Canadians need to begin to think about the benefits of their treaty relationship. Indigenous people have been constantly forced to think about their relationship with the government and settler people, why not white Canadians?

After reading apihtawikosisan’s article I realized there is a lot I don’t know about treaty making and the land claims that have followed. Through the author’s writing I can see how deliberately the Canadian government has put off making land claims with the first people of this country. I was surprised to learn that there is much of Canada that actually never entered into treaty with Indigenous people, and I wonder whose land is it really? Does is matter today? Knowing that Indigenous people are so connected to the land, I can make the strong assumption that land is incredibly important to the story of treaty in Canada.

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