Transgender = Rapist?

Q: What story is told if we think gender neutral washrooms will lead to rape?

I have heard dozens of times from friends of mine who I would not consider like minded that the inclusion of gender neutral bathrooms will equate to an increase of rape in public spaces. When I hear this, I think of the stories that are being told such as “Transgender people are dangerous” “Transgender people don’t exist, men are just pretending in order to assault women” and “Who cares about transgender people? They can just use their assigned washroom (which takes little account into the safety of trans people)”. I am aware that when people use this argument they probably aren’t consciously telling these stories, but to me this is the underlying narrative. Unless I am shown peer reviewed studies that say transgender people using a washroom that they feel comfortable in will lead to sexual assault, I will continue to believe that it is safer overall to have people using gender neutral single person washrooms, or the washroom that fits everyone’s person gender expression.

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