Chapter 9 Questions

  1. What are the key difference between multicultural education and antiracist education? Discuss each of these differences and provide examples for each.

Key differences between multicultural education and antiracist start with the basis of how we recognize different groups in our school. I did not interpret the authors to say that having multicultural festivals as wrong, but rather naive to tell students that historically all cultures have been treated equally. Antiracist education focuses on power dynamics between groups and teaches on the history of power and what the classroom can do to combat these narratives.

  1. What is Whiteness? The authors claim that Whiteness is organized globally. How?

Whiteness is the institutional power that favours white people to be at the top of all social structure. Whiteness is organized globally by having whiteness be the ideal for all countries, and if not the country has a history of colonization by Western European people.

  1. What do the authors mean when they use the term White Supremacy? How does White supremacy manifest in institutions?

The authors a referring to White Supremacy as the belief that white people are smartest, most successful and the most forward thinking group of people. This manifests in institutions as white people having the highest positions and ultimate authority over people of colour which in the most extreme cases leads to groups like white supremacist extremist groups that persecute people of colour and minorities.

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