Chapter 11 Questions

  1. How would the authors respond to the rebuttal, “So, I have to watch everything I say?”

The authors might respond with the following: “You are thoughtful of your speech pattern often, like the way you would speak to your boss or parents most likely isn’t the way you would speak to your friends. Watching what you say and making informed decisions about your word choice is important and you can make those around you more comfortable with speaking in a more respectful way.”

  1. Which of the rebuttals have you felt yourself (or perhaps still feel)? Which is the most challenging for you and why? If you could speak back to yourself with the voice of the authors, how would you counter the rebuttal?

“I feel so bad and I don’t know what to do”. This is the most challenging for me as I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of injustice in the world. If I could speak to myself through the voice of the authors I would say that starting somewhere is the best place to start, especially starting in the places that effect those around you.

  1. Pick two rebuttals and discuss the contexts in which you have heard or used them (or variations of them). Using the concepts explained in this book, how might you respond to this rebuttal were it to be raised again in your presence? What challenges might there be in responding in a public context (such as a meeting at school or in the workplace), and how will you meet these challenges?

“Why don’t you people just get over it”

To this I might respond that the impacts of colonialism are still alive rampant in our world all around and that people of colour still suffer from the impacts of unfair discrimination.

“Why can’t we all just be humans”

To be human is to be categorized within a group, and that group can be a sense of pride and culture. To forget about our cultures makes us assimilate to the dominant perceptions of the “correct” way to conduct ourselves which cannot be tolerated. On top of this, we can all be human when we are all treated fairly by our institutions.

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