Good Student :) – Reading Response (September 30, 2019)

Upon reading Kumashiro’s chapter on common sense narratives that effect student’s behaviour and learning, I recognize the normative ideal of a “good student” to be one that operates within the restrictions of the school environment. In a common sense narrative, good students do not question the status quo or explore their environment in ways that are too loud or move too quickly. Without much doubt, students who have the ability to neurotypical students who can sit still and pay attention for extended periods of time are privileged in this system. On top of this, children who grow up in households with parents that have been “trained” in the North American education system have an advantage as these families clearly understand the common sense practices expected in schools. Within this system, it is not easy to identify the knowledge that students come into school with which allows them to make connections to their own experiences if teachers are merely depositing information of “right answers” into their brains. Furthermore it is impossible to believe that there is any other way to learn other than those ways prescribed by teacher and syllabi.

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