Week 1- Assignment #2

Assessment is a conversation between the learner and the facilitator of learning. Most notably assessment is feedback that the learner receives, either through comments or a number grade. From experience, assessment can be formative or summative and allows for communication. Beyond students and teachers, outside parties must be involved in assessment such as parents and outside governing bodies like universities who are invested in the outcomes of students. Assessment is also a frame of reference to compare students to expectations and standards that have been set by the Saskatchewan curriculum. This conversation allows teachers to critically think about their student’s learning when compared to standards set by the Ministry of Education. Within our group, we discussed the relationship between assessment and classroom dynamics spawning motivation. While I think this is a reality of assessment, my hope would be that assessment move towards motivation for constructive feedback in order to learn rather than a simple number grade. In this case, assessment would be a spark for students to strive towards higher learning. Important to keep in mind while assessing is equity for all students. “Do my assessment practices represent the diversity of my classroom?” “Are my assignments universally designed and allow for adaptations easily?” And finally, as many Faculty of Education profs have mentioned, assessment should not be done of simply “busy work” in order to fill report card quotas. This cheapens the assessment experience and holds very little value for students and teachers alike.

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