Week 6- Assignment #2

During ECS 410 I have been faced with the idea that student teachers occupy two somewhat dichotomous roles in the “traditional” classroom. While I have been in the headspace of studying to become a teacher for the past four years, my entire living memory has been one of a student who has been assessed using a variety of methods. This lived experience has created frustration in the way I have been asked to create or critique assessments within this course as I have had unresolved anger towards my high school experience. Coming from a small town, complacency was rampant and teachers who had occupied the upper-level courses for decades would recycle the same surface-level assessments year after year. When beginning my university studies, I realized how unprepared I was and was quickly resentful of my former teachers. Within this course I have found myself saying, “how am I supposed to assess in new and meaningful ways if I have never seen thoughtful assessment in action other than in university courses?” Because I have not seen these practices employed in schools, I have been reluctant to engage with less “traditional” assessment, particularly the 21st-century competencies assignment. However, diving into this assignment and admitting to myself that it is an exploration in assessment has allowed me to see the potential of various types of assessment. Unlike my experience, I am more than capable of being a teacher that assesses for the betterment of my students so that they may be more prepared for their fields of work or schooling than I was.

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